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2017 Hamilton Early Years Quality Reflections and Learning 2017 Hamilton Early Years Quality Reflections and Learning

2017 Hamilton Early Years Quality Reflections and Learning

Gayle Reece - December 7, 2017

An invitation was extended to participate in a conversation about how quality is experienced in our programs for children, families, educators and our community. We were invited to bring a provocation to the meeting. After careful thought about how to capture this on behalf of our organization, the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic Child Care Centres I gathered the following materials:

Our entire Leadership Team has recently participated in a 5 session Pedagogical Leadership series called “Growing a Culture of Reflective Practice – Enhancing Individual and Collective Leadership” with Lorrie Baird from Compass Early Learning and Care. Jaime is one of our Program Managers who is currently on Maternity Leave. When Jaime was invited to participate in our Leadership Series she asked if she could bring her infant son. We welcomed both of them into our sessions which highlighted to us the value and perspective having a child amongst us…the very reason why we do what we do!

At the heart of our programs are children and families. This is represented by the photo of Jaime and her infant son. The mirror that the photo is displayed on represents our desire to create a culture of reflective practice. In addition, it represents and honours the long standing service our organization has provided in our community and the educators that have contributed greatly to this.

The beads and twine represent our commitment to work collectively, to be a strong team, to be inclusive and most importantly to create a sense of belonging for children and families, educators and our community.

The clay represents our organizations growth over the past 25 years and the transformation of our practices within the Early Years. The clay provides opportunities to foster expression through molding and manipulation, to create and re-create thoughts and ideas.

The certificate represents our on going recognition of our educators and the gratitude we have for their dedication to our profession. The string of lights around the frame represents the joy, happiness, curiosity and passion that we each have within us and bring with us to our work with children and families.

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Congratulations Katarina Josipovic !! Congratulations Katarina Josipovic !!

Congratulations Katarina Josipovic !!

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Katarina our on-site supervisor at Regina Mundi for having her photos published by a well known author in our ECE community. Diane Kashin used Katarina's photographs in her article “The Future is Now: The Child as Citizen” to demonstrate innovative ways to use documentation.

Thank you Katarina for your hard work and dedication to our children and families.

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